FXOptimax Additional S.T. Signal Trader Agreement

  1. I agree and acknowledge that my FXOptimax Trading Account(s) that subscribes to S.T. Signal Trader ("service") will be added up to 1.5 pips (15 points) extra markup calculated from precision pricing spread, for all currency pairs for each round turn trade executed.
  2. I further acknowledge that S.T. Signal Trader is an execution service only and that FXOPTIMAX LTD has made no representation regarding the potential profitability of the systems made available through S.T. Signal Trader. I am also fully aware of the risk of loss involved in trading in foreign exchange market.
  3. I further acknowledge and agree that FXOPTIMAX LTD shall execute the signals generated by the S.T. Signal Trader as delivered to FXOPTIMAX LTD and FXOPTIMAX LTD shall have no liability and responsibility for any losses to my FXOptimax Trading Account(s) for any reasons including but not limited to bad strategy, mechanical or software error, or system error.

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